Data and Privacy

We take our users’ privacy very seriously. Please read on to learn how we handle the data we receive.

For candidates using the service to apply to positions

We do not sell, transmit, or share your application data with any third parties other than the company to which you are applying. Your application data will only be shared with designated recipients at the company or companies to which you have applied.

When you submit an application to ApplyByAPI, we create and send a message to the person or people the company has indicated should receive job applications. We also store a copy of this data on our servers for the convenience of that company to access for a limited time.

If at any time the company no longer has an active subscription with ApplyByAPI for a period of more than 30 days, we delete all of the application data related to that company from our systems. The company may still retain information concerning your application on their systems.

If you want to delete your application data from our systems at any time, you can do so by putting your application token in the URL:$TOKEN/delete

For companies with an account on ApplyByAPI

We do not sell, transmit, or share your data with any third parties. When you sign up for an account with ApplyByAPI, you provide us with information about your company, including its name and your contact information. This information is used only to provide you with the ApplyByAPI service, and to show you statistics in relation to your use of the service.

Payment information for your subscription is securely processed by Stripe payments processing. At no point does ApplyByAPI or its staff have access to your unencrypted payment information.

If you wish to remove your data and delete your ApplyByAPI account, please contact support for prompt assistance.

By using our website

Our website logs server access. We do not share, sell, or transmit any usage data to third parties.

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