What does ApplyByAPI do?

ApplyByAPI is a combined job application and screening service for your technical candidates. When you need to hire any type of software developer, programmer, or technology leader, you can use ApplyByAPI to save valuable time and effort in the hiring process.

How does ApplyByAPI work?

When candidates view your job posting on ApplyByAPI, they won’t be presented with an email address or tedious application form. Instead, ApplyByAPI provides an API (Application Programming Interface) for potential candidates to submit their contact info and resume. Candidates are given a set of instructions that describe how to apply for the job by sending a POST request to an API endpoint.

For an experienced technical professional, interacting with APIs is a skill as ubiquitous and fundamental as opening a web browser. Requiring candidates to send applications by this method acts as an effective screening process that ensures they have the technical competency to contribute to your organization.

In short, if the candidate can’t figure out how to apply, you don’t want them on your team.

Do I have to be technical to use ApplyByAPI?

Using ApplyByAPI as a recruiter is easy and familiar. Our rich text editing tool lets you create a job posting as easily as you’d create a Google Doc. Successful candidate applications go straight to your inbox, or any email address you designate. There are no new components to manage or complex tools to learn.

To apply for positions as a candidate though ApplyByAPI, you must successfully send your application data via API. This is an effective screening test for positions such as Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer, CTO, or other technical leadership roles.

How do you know it works?

ApplyByAPI is built by a team of seasoned technical professionals with several decades of combined experience in the industry as software developers, engineering leaders, and technical hiring leads. We know ApplyByAPI is relevant because it requires the same technical knowledge and expertise that we use every day.

We know ApplyByAPI works because we’ve used this form of technical screening to hire quality candidates before – and now, so have our subscribers. 100% of ApplyByAPI subscribers successfully filled their open positions with great candidates.

In short, we know ApplyByAPI works - because it already has.

Can a job candidate cheat the test?

Not really. If a candidate does not know how to send an API request and apply, the best they could do is search the web for an answer and try to figure it out. Since this itself is a frequent part of a software developer’s work, as long as the candidate manages to successfully send the API request, they are still demonstrating competence.

The procedure for sending a valid API request requires the generation and usage of a time-limited token. This ensures that candidates can’t successfully apply by only copying and pasting code. The time limit of a few minutes also ensures that a candidate couldn’t spend an inordinate amount of time on the task and still count as a success.

How do you estimate the time companies save because of ApplyByAPI?

When companies begin using ApplyByAPI, we ask them to provide the average number of hours they typically spend on screening a candidate during their hiring process. This number includes time spent, by all involved parties, on reviewing resumes, conducting phone screenings, conducting on-site interviews, code reviews, and any other additional tests of technical proficiency. For example, if a recruiter in HR does a 30 minute phone screening, and a technical team lead does a 30 minute phone screen, those steps add one hour to the screening process.

Using that approach, when a candidate initiates but does not successfully complete an application with ApplyByAPI, we can deduce that we have saved the company the human hours that would have been spent on screening if the candidate had applied by traditional means.

Over many hundreds of resumes and hours spent in interviews, time spent screening candidates for even basic technical competency really adds up!

How much does ApplyByAPI cost?

ApplyByAPI is billed on a monthly basis, and subscribers can cancel or resubscribe at any time. You may see the current pricing plans here.

If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to be able to use ApplyByAPI until the end of your current subscription period.

Do you send invoices?

Subscriptions are billed automatically. You can obtain invoices for each billing period in your billing portal.

We can send invoices or receipts that are compliant with EU/German tax regulations and contain VAT numbers and other information. You can enter this information on your Company Settings page after you have registered and subscribed.

ApplyByAPI gets you more qualified candidates with less work.